A Weekend Away in Portland

A two-day itinerary for Portland, OR. http://4sq.com/1N4WQ9P
  1. Pip's Original
    "Delicious! The donuts are small so you can order one of each variety on a plate of 4, 5, or 6 donuts. Unique chai flavors were amazing!" - Justin L.
  2. Forest Park - Wildwood Trail
    "So peaceful and easy to access. Great trails right along streams of wildlife." - Colleen S.
  3. Tasty 'N Sons
    "The breakfast board was unreal. As was the French toast. These owners have tapped into a mystical dimension of culinary divinity." - Andrew B.
  4. Portland Farmer's Market at PSU
    "Free samples, music, and an assortment of Portland's best foods. What more could you ask for?" - Dave H.
  5. Nong's Khao Man Gai
    "Appreciate the simple menu and the restaurant's laid back vibe. Chicken and rice is very flavorful and comforting." - Bommy C.
  6. Ken's Artisan Bakery
    "The macaroons are FAT and super soft with a delicate outer shell. Delicious and decadent. Also love the Oregon croissant and the walnut loaf I brought home." - Allison Y.
  7. Portland Art Museum
    "Perfect afternoon. Enjoy the variety of classic and modern art." - Colleen S.
  8. Cascade Brewing Barrel House
    "The end-all, be-all destination for sour beers. Always tapping something new and delicious. Get a few flights and make an afternoon of it on the sunny patio." - Morgan R.
  9. Lovely's Fifty Fifty
    "Wood-fired pizzas, reasonably-priced wine, DELICIOUS ice cream." - Rachel S.
  10. Salt & Straw
    "My fav is the Strawberry Balsamic. Unique flavors with monthly rotating menus." - Olivia B.
  11. Hollywood Theatre
    "Matinees are only 5 bucks. Everyone should check out this beautiful theater." - Mike G.
  12. Coava Coffee Brew Bar
    "Absolutely rad space. Wouldn't feel proper calling this a coffee shop because it feels grander and hipper than you could ever expect from such a name." - Andrew B.
  13. Pine State Biscuits
    "Get the Reggie deluxe and then you can die happy." - Andrew F.
  14. Mt. Tabor Park
    "Great place for an afternoon stroll. Chill in the big, calm lawn areas for a nice dose of nature." - Cesar C.
  15. Lardo East
    "LOVE this place! Get the Pho'Rench dip as well as their Dirty Fries. Won't regret it 😋" - AI B.
  16. Powell's City of Books
    "Possibly the best book store in the United States." - Nicholas T.
  17. Ox
    "Sit at the grill for front row view of the action. Fried Terrine, Skirt Steak (a touch above medium rare), artichoke and blistered peppers. Cake and you are done." - Rory P.
  18. Multnomah Whisk{e}y Library
    "Huge whisk{e}y collection here. If you feel overwhelmed by your options, tell your bartender what you generally like and they'll find something special and new for you." - Andre W.