America's Best Hot Dog Joints

Whether you top your hot dog with onions, smother it with baked beans, or order it just for the side of fries, this list of the best hot dog joints according to Foursquare users is sure to please. Follow it on Foursquare for the full thing in map form:
  1. Willie's Wee-Nee Wagon [Brunswick, GA]
    "The best place in Brunswick to grab a bite to eat. Anything ordered is guaranteed to heal that hunger craving. Willie's is Awesome!" - Rhonda L.
  2. Wurstküche [Los Angeles, CA]
    "Try the Duck & Bacon sausage, or the Louisiana Hot Links if you want something hot!" - Julian B.
  3. Shake Shack [New York, NY]
    "Shack-cargo dog is possibly the best hot dog I have ever tasted. However, it's nearly impossible to eat if you want to maintain an image of sophistication in front of other people." - Andy B.
  4. Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs [Denver, CO]
    "You really can't go wrong. The Reindeer and Wild Boar are my favorite. Also, the fountain sodas are all delicious." -Garrett A.
  5. The Greasy Wiener Truck [Anaheim, CA]
    "HOMEMADE. CHEESE. SAUCE." - Jocelyn U.
  6. Happy Dog [Cleveland, OH]
    "So many toppings, tons of beer, live music. Life is happy at The Happy Dog." - Destination Cleveland
  7. Dogtown [Rochester, NY]
    "Unusual fun place with regular, beef and veggie hot dogs with more fixings than you can imagine. PALEO option of 2 dogs on coleslaw and sweet potato fries was delicious!" - Valerie P.
  8. Portillo's [Chicago, IL]
    "Whether you're looking for hot dogs or Italian beef, very few places offer up that kind of greasy iconic Chicago-style street food better than the classic food hall-esque Portillo's on Ontario Street." - Eater
  9. Hillbilly Hot Dogs [Lesage, WV]
    "This place is incredible. I was visiting from Los Angeles and this is by far the best dining experience I have had in the area. Variety of hotdogs are overwhelming and the atmosphere is unique" - Adam A.
  10. Steve's Hot Dogs On The Hill [St Louis, MO]
    "This place is amazing. Did the 1/2 Chili Cheese & 1/2 Mac n Cheese. DElish! Super friendly staff too." - Susie T.
  11. Rosamunde Sausage Grill [San Francisco, CA]
    "Wild boar sausage and brats." -Mark M.
  12. Coney Island [Fort Wayne, IN]
    "Two with everything and a side of baked beans." - Mark B.
  13. Superdawg Drive-In [Chicago, IL]
    "Get a Superdawg with everything including peppers. No ketchup!" - John F.
  14. Dairy Kastle [Louisville, KY]
    "Ice cream, chili dogs, slushies, banana split, vegan soft serve" - Tiffiany C.
  15. Pincho Factory [Miami, FL]
    "Toston burger and cartel dog" -Beatriz M.
  16. Dreamy Weenies [New Orleans, LA]
    "Best hotdog in town. The waffle fry is great to." - Kent F.
  17. Dune Dog Cafe [Jupiter, FL]
    "You need a corn dog, I can tell." - Robert L.
  18. Crif Dogs [New York, NY]
    "Must try the Spicy Redneck, which is a fried hotdog wrapped with bacon, topped with chili, cole slaw, and jalapenos. Glorious." - Monica L.
  19. Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace [Columbus, OH]
    "Go jumbo on the dog. The extra fifty cents is well worth the experience." - Joe P.
  20. The Red Hot [Tacoma, WA]
    "Enjoyable atmosphere, and hard working staff. Great drink selection, with awesome dogs!" - Brent N.