Everyone can get down with the gluttony that is a big plate of #friescoveredwithstuff. So hold on to your cheese curds, these are our hardcore fan favorites across the country. http://4sq.com/1m6TKG9
  1. Langer's Delicatessen-Restaurant [Los Angeles, CA]
    "Pastrami chili cheese fries for the win." - Shawn M.
  2. Seoul Sausage Company [Los Angeles, CA]
    "Sensational food and service. Omg the flavors are incredible." - Tim C.
  3. Spitz: Home of the Doner Kabab [Los Angeles, CA]
    "You'll fail epically if you don't try the streetcart fries and the sangria!" - Ohmar G.
  4. Lolita's Taco Shop [San Diego, CA]
    "Order carne asada fries with two tortillas instead of two California burritos and make your own :)" - Daniel H.
  5. Soda & Swine [San Diego, CA]
    "Get the dirty fries, the swine sliders and the Mac n cheese. All delicious." - Nina O.
  6. Pincho Factory [Miami, FL]
    "Bacon cheddar ranch fries are just to die for!!!!!" - Rina R.
  7. bopNgrill [Chicago, IL]
    "You can't go wrong here. Both the burgers and the bop are amazing, but definitely get the kimchi fries!" - Laura P.
  8. Edzo's Burger Shop [Chicago, IL]
    "If the lobster fries are available when you visit, order them. Yes, I know they're $10, but seriously... Lobster fries." - Eulalia
  9. The Shaved Duck [St. Louis, MO]
    "Smothered fries. So, so, so good." - Lisa D.
  10. Pinky's Westside Grill [Charlotte, NC]
    "Pimpin' fries all the way!" - Seuss
  11. Bachi Burger [Las Vegas, NV]
    "The oxtail chili cheese fries are AMAZING! Have them add bacon to the fries, promise you will not regret it." - BACON BACON
  12. Mile End Delicatessen [Brooklyn, NY]
    "Best place in Brooklyn to get your poutine and Montreal smoked meat fix. They also have an enormous selection of Canadian strange brews." - Ed K.
  13. Sticky Finger's Joint [New York, NY]
    "Cotton candy fries-weird & crazy good" - when we roam we roam
  14. The Greenhouse Tavern [Cleveland, OH]
    "Have to... Have to get the animal style fries, and then anything and everything else!!!" - C. P.
  15. Kenny & Zuke's Delicatessen [Portland, OR]
    "Get the pastrami fries. No really. Get them right now." - Leah H.
  16. Village Whiskey [Philadelphia, PA]
    "If you don't get the duck fat fries with cheddar sauce and short ribs, you're doing it wrong." - Jason R.
  17. Chilantro BBQ [Austin, TX]
    "Kimchi fries are fried spicy heaven in a bowl..." - Doneisha F.
  18. Varga Bar [Philadelphia, PA]
    "The jumbo lump crab fries are a must." - Ryan W.
  19. Potato Champion [Portland, OR]
    "Poutine was good, but the PB&J fries are where it's at! So amazing!" - Ed D.
  20. 4th Street Market [Santa Ana, CA]
    "Lots of selections. Perfect at any time of the day." - Angel C.
  21. Quinn's Pub [Seattle, WA]
    "The poutine (fries and cheese) are a must have, add the foie gras if you're brave and care not about your heart!" - Thomas Z.
  22. Mokbar [New York, NY]
    "The disco fries are to die for, as is the hocake - both are perfect if you just want a snack. For a meal you can't go wrong with any ramen, the spicy tofu is my favorite but all are delicious." - Larisa
  23. Duckfat [Portland, ME]
    "Yes, the fries are amazing. Yes, the dipping sauces are exquisite. But every time you don't order the poutine, a little duckling cries a silent tear." - Eric C.
  24. Slapfish - A Modern Seafood Shack [Huntington Beach, CA]
    "Those chowder fries are the truth! They also have a just lobster roll off-menu." - Paulo S.
  25. Extra Fancy [Brooklyn, NY]
    "The lobster bisque fries boil down to a mound of thick-cut fries in a savory lobster bisque with a liberal scattering of lobster meat, a poached egg, and a few spoonfuls of tobiko." - Gothamist
  26. Banger's Sausage House & Beer Garden [Austin, TX]
    "Chili cheese fries are awesome!!!" - Hector M.