We've been obsessed with Iceland ever since we learned the country specializes in amazing hot dogs, which is why we're dedicating this list to #SpotlightIceland. http://4sq.com/1VOmocN
  1. Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur
    "THE BEST HOTDOGS. I spend the rest of the year in the UK craving these until I can come back. Cheap at 400kr and super tasty with everything. You might want more than one..." - Charlotte L.
  2. Gullfoss
    "If they have a sign up saying that the walkway to the falls is closed, consider ignoring it and going anyway. We were thankful we did - you have to walk up to get the best photos." - Tom L.
  3. Geysir
    "Frequent eruptions (every 2-8 minutes)! Truly unique experience. Don't get too close and careful not to slip on the ice!" - George M.
  4. Þingvellir National Park
    "Watch Iceland split in two! Pack a lunch, though, it's projected to take another thousand years or so." - Sarah R.
  5. Blue Lagoon Spa
    "This place looks like heaven. Really good place to chill. Pro tip: take the 'standard' option and bring your own towel, mask is provided in the lagoon and drinks cost like 3-5€" - François Pilarczyk
  6. Church of Hallgrímur
    "Architectural masterpiece, deepest organ sound in space. Take the lift to the top to experience the stunning cityscape of Reykjavik. Ticket for the lookout costs 700 ISK adults / 100 ISK for kids." - Tom K.
  7. Harpa
    "Looks like some aliens landed the building right there, in Reykjavik. Amazing angles. Wide open spaces. Camera-candy all the way." - Eric F.