Where to Find Food & Wine's Best New Chefs of 2016

The 11 chefs behind these 12 restaurants (one from both Night + Market and Night + Market Song and a duo from Contra and Wildair) make up the 2016 class of Food & Wine's Best New Chefs. http://4sq.com/22OK414
  1. Lazy Bear [San Francisco, CA]
    "As incredible as every course is, the bread and butter might be the best thing here." - Andrew J.
  2. Emmer & Rye [Austin, TX]
    "Ask to say hello to the chef! Save room for dessert." - Ben Z.
  3. MoPho [New Orleans, LA]
    "Absolutely fantastic!! Young inspiring chef with a well composed menu! Casual and fun atmosphere!" - Hanna F.
  4. Salare [Seattle, WA]
    "Almost everything we ordered was great. Awesome attention to detail without over doing it. Particularly loved the charcuterie plate, crab custard, oxtail, and honeycomb tripe." - Stew T.
  5. Liholiho Yacht Club [San Francisco, CA]
    "Phenomenal food. Fried rice with spam, shrimp and mushrooms, beef tongue buns to die for." - Nipun S.
  6. Alter [Miami, FL]
    "Amazing innovative cuisine, top wine selection and impeccable service. Chef cooked us a vegetarian variation on the tasting menu and its among the best meals I've ever had. When in Miami, don't miss." - Abi S.
  7. Bunny The Micro Bakery [Chicago, IL]
    "This tiny bakery is a wonderland of creative baked goods such as doughnuts, owl-shaped foie gras on toast, dumplings, jams and more." - Eater
  8. Rose's Luxury [Washington, D.C.]
    "Arrive at 4:30pm to put your name down for dinner reservations when they open at 5pm. Excellent food, cocktails, and service. Don't miss the curry or the goat, always listen to specials." - Jenna O.
  9. Contra [New York, NY]
    "Excellent price for a high brow prix fixe 5 course dinner with Scandinavian influences. Expect dishes to be bordering on raw, with delicate flavor profiles and foraged vegetable compliments." - ZZubin
  10. Wildair [New York, NY]
    "The wine list is full of delicious things to discover, and wow that steak tartare is good!" - Emilie D.
  11. Night + Market [Los Angeles, CA]
    "What makes the food here so exceptional is the extreme care taken, the roasting of chilies, the layering of flavors." - LA Weekly
  12. Night + Market Song [Los Angeles, CA]
    "Everything we ate was delicious and properly spicy. Real Thai flavors. Crunchy rice salad was marvelous. Pad Thai wasn't stodgy. Even the tap wine was fine." - Virginia M.