I say tear up, I mean cry. There may be spoilers
  1. Tara's death
    Not only that but that Joss Whedon only put Amber Benson in the opening credits THE EPISODE THAT SHE DIED 😭😭😭
  2. Buffy killing Angel
    Season 2 finale
  3. Joyce's death
    That entire episode was just a tear fest
  4. Buffy sacrificing herself for Dawn
    Season 5 finale
  5. The ending scene in Tabula Rasa
    Michelle Branch - Goodbye To You 💔💔
  6. 'Every night I save you'
    Spike telling Buffy after she comes back from the dead. Gets me every time.
  7. Tara getting her brain mauled by Glory
  8. Willow funding Oz and Veruca together
  9. Xander leaving Anya on the wedding day
  10. Xander telling Dawn she's extraordinary
    Even though it's a happy one still got teared up
  11. Buffy receiving the 'class protector' award
  12. In Touched when Spike tells Buffy she's the one - gets me every time.
    Suggested by @janeh