Descending order
  1. 7. Wednes: Wednes. Wed-nes. We'd Nessie, aka the Lochness Monster. Too scary! No thanks.
  2. 6. Sun: Boooooooring. Obvious.
  3. 5. Tues: Like multiple 2s? Sure. Ok.
  4. 4. Thurs: Like 2 or more Thurs, you know, like the Topher-esque nickname for someone named Arthur. Use it in a Sentence? Ok. "Ain't no party like a Thur and Thur party, because a Thur and Thur party has 2 Thurs." Are you happy now? Hope so!
  5. 3. Mon: Like a Jamaican dude. Irie.
  6. 2. Satur: U sat ur butt down and relaxed. Shabbot shalom.
  7. 1. Fri: Yummy!