On Thursday, I interviewed The Fat Jew. He said many, many words. Friday, an edited down version ran on Vulture.com. This is a bit of what you missed.
  1. "I'm in New York, where comedy's not as much of a focus."
  2. "One time I was trying to sleep with a girl who had really big hands - because I like big hands - and I went to a comedy club. I had to buy like a three drink minimum, and like it was like a whole thing. But honestly that's the only time I've ever been to a comedy club."
  3. "I don't use Instagram to talk about, you know, politics."
  4. "I was on the E channel, years ago, interviewing like interviewing like the Real Housewives of Phoenix."
  5. "I don't think that. I think that. Umm. I think that, you know, I think that they, you know, I just, you know."
  6. "Introduced to my whole ecosystem of wildness."
  7. "My mom, you know, slept with, you know, famed children's author Shel Silverstein."