Inspired by @allisonlantagne . Side note: If we're including the deletes John Adams rap, it would probably rank in my top 5
  1. We Know
  2. Meet Me Inside
  3. Hurricane
  4. What Comes Next
  5. One Last Time
  6. The Adams Administration
    Sit down John...
  7. Blow Us All Away
  8. Cabinet Battle #2
  9. History Has Its Eyes On You
  10. The Election of 1800
  11. The Room Where It Happens
    This isn't higher because I haven't seen the live performance, so I feel like I'm missing out on part of it (aka out of spite)
  12. What'd I Miss
    Again, out of spite.
  13. The Schuyler Sisters
  14. Stay Alive
  15. Farmer Refuted
    This song gets so much hate, but I characterizes Hamilton so well!! I like it😊
  16. Schuyler Defeated
    Phillip and Eliza's harmonies fill my heart with happiness
  17. Winter's Ball
    Hey, hey, hey, hey 😏😉
  18. The Story of Tonight
  19. Satisfied
    I know this is like everyone else's favorite and I love Angelica as much as the next girl, but this song just isn't one of my absolute favorites 😬
  20. I Know Him
  21. Cabinet Battle #1
  22. Best of Wives, Best of Women
  23. My Shot
  24. The Reynold's Pamphlet
  25. That Would Be Enough
  26. Take A Break
  27. Stay Alive (reprise)
  28. Burn
  29. Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)
    We won! We won!! WE WON! WE WON!!!!
  30. The Story of Tonight (reprise)
  31. Say No To This
  32. Wait For It
  33. Dear Theodosia
  34. Aaron Burr, Sir
    This is high on my list mainly for Laurens, Layfette, and Hercules Muligan's introductions 😍
  35. You'll Be Back
  36. Washington On Your Side
  37. Ten Duel Commandments
  38. Helpless
  39. Right Hand Man
    Washington's Rap ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  40. Your Obedient Servant
  41. Non-Stop
  42. Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story
    Just the absolute perfect ending.
  43. The World Was Wide Enough
  44. It's Quiet Uptown
    I think this song being so high on my list says a lot about how much I probably hate myself
  45. Guns and Ships
    LAFAYETTE!!! And let's not forget about Washington in this song too 😍😍😍
  46. Alexander Hamilton
    It's just the best setup possible for this show. It highlights everyone so beautifully. It was the song that I heard first at the grammy's that made me want to listen to the entire cast recording. They say you never forget your first love❤️