Amazing Things my Russian Humanities Teacher has Said in Class

My professor is from Poland and is just the most badass, smart, funny, sensitive lady. Along with teaching us the history and culture of Russia, she says some pretty wild stuff...
  1. I'm sober and I still don't know what I'm doing!
  2. If it helps people survive, why not let them believe it?
  3. You know those crazy Europeans... Well I am one!
  4. You think, she is an alcoholic!
  5. Goodness, I'll lose my job soon
    When she said something bad about a ruler that most people at the time loved
  6. Yes I will lose it.
    About a minute later, I believe she was "tearing apart" Peter the Great
  7. So say that I want to marry (her husband's name)... No. He wants to marry me!!
  8. I can do that, I grew up under communism!
    I think she was just letting us leave class a little early!