Romantic, friendly, and other
  1. Honorable Mention: Michael and his secretaries
    Pam and Erin both have such special relationships with Michael. He's like a dad to Orphan Erin and they have such sweet moments together. Pam really levels out the craziness that Michael brings to the table (when she's not egging him on that is). Pam's goodbye to Michael makes me cry every single time. I think Erin brings out Michael's best fatherly side and Pam bring out a loving, sweet part of Michael.
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  4. 10. Michael and Ryan
    "It's nothing compared to the way Michael looks at me" (the carpet). Ryan is kind of terrible to the man who clearly just wants to be his friend... But wow is it painfully hilarious for everyone involved!
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  8. 9. Michael and Holly
    SOUP SNAKES. They are the two people most perfectly suited for each other in the universe.
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  10. 8. Michael and Toby
    How is it possible to have so much hatred for one person that has not really done anything to you? I have no idea, but it's pretty amazing to watch it play out.
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  12. 7. Michael and Jim
    "We hang out a ton, mostly at work." There's just something so special about the almost father-son relationship between these two. Sometimes Jim thinks Michael is an idiot, but they have some of the sweetest moments together. It is so obvious that Michael believes in Jim and wants him to succeed and that Jim loves Michael, too. Not to mention these two absolutely kill karaoke.
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  15. 6. Jim and Dwight
    The pranks between Jim and Dwight are always hilarious and memorable. When it comes down to it, you know these two are truly friends. Dwight saves Jim from Roy and Jim keeps Dwight's affair with Angela a secret. AND THATS JUST IN ONE EPISODE. They work together to throw Kelly a birthday party and also get rid of the 'bugs' in Jim's Florida hotel room. Despite all the pranks and diabolical plans, Jim and Dwight love each other. Heck, Dwight even made Jim his best man!
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  19. 5. Michael and Dwight
    These are the friends that belt out American Pie together. It seems like Dwight is always doing things for Michael (getting gum out of his hair, driving him to say goodbye to the dead chair model he loved but never met, etc.). Michael's letter of recommendation for Dwight and being his surprise best man really proved that he loved Dwight back. A bromance for the ages.
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  21. 4. Pam and Dwight
    "Not motivated by compassion." Yeah whatever you say, Dwight. Remember Dwight's concussion and how sweet he was to Pam? And when he consoled her when she was heartbroken over Jim? AND when he took care of her baby?? He may have been an ass sometimes, but Dwight and Pam had one of the most underrated relationships on the show.
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    Probably one of my favorite scenes in the whole show.
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  24. 3. Dwight and Angela
    The secrecy of Monkey and D made this pair that much more exciting. Who knew Angela or Dwight either one had such soft sides?? They bring out the best in each other. I can't help but smile when I think about Dwight, Angela, and their son Philip living happily ever after on the beet farm. Probably with Mose, too.
  25. 2. Ryan and Kelly
    These two are the most dysfunctional yet lovable couple EVER. The best part about Ryan and Kelly is how much they both truly love Ryan. This pair is responsible for most of my favorite moments and lines. Case and point: 'If I created a website that bad, I'd probably kill myself.' 'Kelly, do you have a question?' 'Yes Ryan, I have a lot of questions. Number one, how dare you?'
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  28. 1. Jim and Pam
    Obviously. Unrequited love, best friends, complete dorks, soulmates. I love everything about Jim and Pam. ❣
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