Disclaimer: this is one of my most hipster li.sts. Whatever!
  1. Be alone or with only your bestest, most trusted friends
  2. Snuggle up in your bed
    The best music deserves to be listened to in the best place ever
  3. It should either be super later at night or pouring down rain to really get the full effect
    Bonus: it's a down pour super late at night 👍🏻
  4. Start journaling as you listen
    This is the perfect music for journaling. You may need to take a few breaks to fully appreciate certain songs, but that's totally fine!
  5. Think about everything that has ever happened in your life and how it completely and perfectly relates to each song
  6. End by listening to Ophelia a minimum of 20 times because it's "auditory artwork"
    My friend said this and I just love it ❤️
  7. Get a peaceful night's sleep so you can repeat tomorrow!