Loosely enforced limit of one lyric per song because otherwise this list would be miles long
  1. There would've been nothing left to do for someone less astute. He would've been dead or destitute without the cent of restitution
    Alexander Hamilton. Can we take a moment to acknowledge how beautifully this song sets up the whole musical?!
  2. Oh who is this kid? What's he gonna do?
  3. I'm past patiently waiting. I'm passionately smashin' every expectation
    My Shot
  4. Raise a glass to freedom, something they can never take away
    The Story of Tonight. This musical is filled to the brim with poignant thoughts, and I think this lyric is the best example
  5. Burr, you disgust me. | Ah, so you've discussed me. I'm a trust fund baby you can trust me.
    The Schuyler Sister's. "And Peggy."
  6. Don't modulate the key then not debate with me!
    The Farmer Refuted. I feel like I'm in the minority group of people who truly enjoy this song
  7. Oceans rise, empires fall, we have seen each other through it all
    You'll Be Back. "I will kill your friends and family, to remind of my love😘"
  8. I am the very model of a modern Major-General the venerated Virginian veteran who's men are lining up to put him on a pedestal
    Right Hand Man
  9. Hamilton's skill with the quill is undeniable, but what do we have in common? We're reliable with the LADIES
    Winter's Ball. Hey hey hey hey 😏
  10. My life is gonna be fine 'cuz Eliza's in it | I look into your eyes and the sky's the limit
    Helpless. I love that they finish each other's rhyme 💕
  11. At least my dear Eliza's his wife; at least I keep his eyes in my life
    Satisfied 💔
  12. You are the worst, Burr.
    The Story of Tonight (Reprise). Also: "Now I heard you got a special someone on the side, Burr." And "Oh shit"
  13. I honestly can't pick a favorite line from Wait for It, so I'm going to use a bit of a cop out and just say the whole song is my favorite lyric ("that's true")
    Wait For It
  14. I'm a general. Whee!!!
    Stay Alive
  15. Can we agree that duels are dumb and immature? | Sure, but your man has to answer for his words, Burr. | With his life? We both know that's absurd, sir | How many men died because Lee was inexperienced and ruinous. | Okay so we're doing this.
    Ten Duel Commandments
  16. Call me son one more time
    Meet Me Inside
  17. Oh let me be a part of the narrative, in the story they will write someday. Let this moment be the first chapter, where you decide to stay
    That Would Be Enough
  18. Everyone give it up for America's favorite fighting Frenchman - LAFAYETTE !!!
    Guns and Ships. I also dig Washington's "ALEXANDERRRRRR" 😍
  19. Let me tell you what I wish I'd know when I was young and dreamed of glory: you have no control who lives, who dies, who tells your story
    History Has Its Eyes On You. Oh the foreshadowing!!!
  20. We had a spy on the inside. That's right HERCULES MULLIGAN... I need no introduction. When you knock me down I get the f*** back up again
    Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down) and: "Immigrants, we get the job done"
  21. Awesome. Wow.
    What Comes Next?
  22. Domestic life was never quite my style. When you smile, you knock me out, I fall apart. And I thought I was so smart.
    Dear Theodosia. This entire song actually.
  23. Why do you assume you're the smartest in the room? Soon that attitude may be your doom
  24. I've been in Paris meeting lots of different ladies. I guess I basically missed the late 80s!
    What'd I Miss? And Burr's intro in the beginning of this song
  25. These are wise words, enterprising men quote 'em. Don't act surprised you guys 'cuz I wrote 'em!
    Cabinet Battle #1. "Why he even brings the thunder..."
  26. Angelica, tell my wife John Adams doesn't have a real job anyway
    Take a Break. Can we talk about how STUNNING Eliza and Angelica's voices are in this song?!
  27. I wish I could say that was the last time. I said that last time, it became a pastime
    Say No To This
  28. Two Virginians and an immigrant walk into a room diametric'ly opposed, foes. They emerge with a compromise, having opened doors that were previously closed. Bros.
    The Room Where It Happens. Also: But we dream in the dark for the most part!
  29. Burr? Since when are you a Democratic-Republican | Since being one put me on the up and up again.
    Schuyler Defeated
  30. Should we honor our treaty, King Louis' head? Uh do whatever you want, I'm super dead.
    Cabinet Battle #2
    Washington On Your Side
  32. Whatever it is, Jefferson started it
    One Last Time
  33. They will tear each other into pieces, Jesus Christ this will be fun!
    I Know Him
  34. Sit down, John, YOU FAT MOTHER —
    The Adams Administration
  35. An immigrant embezzling our government funds | I can almost see the headline, your career is done
    We Know. And Jefferson's 'My God.'
  36. And in the face of ignorance and resistance I wrote financial systems into existence and when my prayers to God or met with indifference I picked up a pen, I wrote my own deliverance
  37. I know my sister like I know my own mind. You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind. I love my sister more than anything in this life. I will choose her happiness over mine every time. Put what we had aside, I'm standing at her side. You could never be satisfied. God I hope you're satisfied.
    The Reynold's Pamphlet. "Have you read this shit?" & "Never gonna be president now!"
  38. You built me palaces out of paragraphs, you built cathedrals
  39. Your father's a scoundrel, and so it seems are you!
    Blow Us All Away
  40. You changed the melody every time | I would always change the line
    Stay Alive (reprise)
  41. There are moments that the words don't reach, there is grace too powerful to name
    It's Quiet Uptown. All of this song, too
  42. JEFFERSON HAS MY VOTE. I have never agreed with Jefferson once. We have fought on like 75 different fronts. But when all is said and all is done Jefferson has beliefs. Burr has none.
    The Election of 1800. THE SHADE IS UNREAL
  43. Even if I said what you think I said, you would need to cite a more specific grievance. Here's an itemized list of 30 years of disagreements. | Sweet Jesus.
    Your Obedient Servant
  44. Well I'm going back to sleep
    Best of Wives, Best of Women. I quote this daily.
  45. History obliterates every picture it paints and it paints me in all my mistakes.
    The World Was Wide Enough. Every line of this song.
  46. When my time is up, have I done enough? Will they tell your story?
    Who lives who dies who tells your story. Also, "The orphanage"
  47. You made it to the end, congrats!!