Inspired by @roaringsoftly 's amazing list! Here's to the people who:
  1. Encourage you to continue your story when everyone else has stopped listening
  2. Scratch your back or play with your hair before without you having to ask
  3. Stargaze with you
  4. Drop you off at home and then wait for you to get inside before they drive away
  5. Are always down for breakfast dates in pjs
  6. You can go a while without seeing, and then when you can finally meet up again, it's like no time has passed
  7. Put on a full-fledged concert while you're on a road trip
  8. Recommend great books and music
  9. Wear their hearts on their sleeves
  10. Laugh the hardest at their own jokes
  11. The ones who know you've had a bad day (week..) and drop what they're doing to come over and cheer you up/get you out of the house/bring you a small gift that says they love you.
    Suggested by @cvlop61
  12. People who know when to stop talking
    This sounds cynical but I just really appreciate someone who allows a silence to exist rather than endlessly trying to fill it, it makes me feel at ease!
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  13. People who don't just remember your birthday but remember the days in the year that may be painful for you
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  14. People who talk through movies with me
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  15. Dog people
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  16. People who mail you cards, letters, and other stuff like that
    Suggested by @cem94
  17. People who, when they don't know what to say, just say, "I don't know what to say."
    Suggested by @readjulia
  18. Check in with you at least once a week either by text or call 💬📞
    Even if you're the one that doesn't call first. (I need to work on this myself 😉)
    Suggested by @angela3950