Most of the time, kids are 1000 times better than adults. Here's why:
  1. Sometimes they cry for absolutely no reason
    I can relate to this on a spiritual level
  2. Sometimes I'll see one of my kids outside of our summer camp and they freak out with excitement!!
    An instant day maker
  3. When they stutter while telling a story
    "And then, and then, and then..." This just always brings a smile to my face.
  4. They believe
    In magic, in Santa, in kindness, in me, in all the possibilities of a beautiful world
  5. If you say you'll time them, they'll do almost anything
    Putting in pajamas, picking up toys, lining up quietly... Literally anything
  6. Kids aren't born hating people or things that are different
  7. They're so eager to hold my hand, smile, give me a hug, or just show affection
    I love when people show how much they care
  8. Kids are so so proud of every piece of artwork they create
    And they should be! They work hard and try their best. That's definitely something to be proud of!!
  9. Resilience.
    I admire kids so much for their ability to bounce right back from hardships and continue to live with their hearts wide open