The Celebrities I Want to Be, Be Friends with, and Be Married to

  1. : Be :
  2. Emma Watson
    This girl is my idol and everything I aspire to be. She was freaking Hermione Granger for heaven's sake!!
  3. Kristen Bell
    I want to be a Disney princess, have a good singing voice, be married to Dax Shepard, be adorably quirky, be Veronica Mars, etc.
  4. Tina Fey
    So funny and sweet and talented! She's rocked Mean Girls, SNL, and Kimmy Schmidt, just to name a few. I want to be part of her narrative
  5. : Be Friends with :
  6. Jennifer Lawrence
    What a ball of energy! I, too, fell while walking up a few stairs to receive an award (Freshmen Student of the Year for Spanish Class - also a huge deal). We would have so much in common!!
  7. @mindy Kaling
    She just has such a great grasp on who she is and how life works. I'm hoping spending enough time with her would make that quality rub off on me
  8. Amy Poehler
    She would be the most supportive, loving, funny friend ever!!
  9. Joe Biden
    I would literally give my life for this man. I'm not sure if our friendship would be super healthy, but we would be overflowing with loyalty and laughter ❤️
  10. : Be Married to :
  11. Lin-Manuel Miranda
    Can you imagine being with this GENIUS until death do you part?? I'm already in love with the man and then I could get a ticket to Hamilton...
  12. Chris Pine
    Good Lord, you beautiful human. Marry me now. Ps I loved your work in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement and you have the most beautiful eyes
  13. Jimmy Fallon
    This hilarious, sweet, beautiful human is my soulmate ❤️