Practical, deep, and other.
  1. Trying things that scare you is the only way you'll grow
  2. I need at least one nap a day in order to be a decent person
  3. Adulting is hard and hardly anyone actually has their act together
    Have you ever heard the expression 'fake it 'til you make it?'
  4. The Office is the best show ever
  5. @mindy Kaling is the coolest human ever
  6. You don't need everyone's approval, and if that's what you're waiting for, you'll be waiting forever
  7. Cereal is always an acceptable meal
  8. Always wear flip flops to public restrooms/showers
  9. Netflix is a gift
  10. It's okay to be alone sometimes
  11. New friendships take time to grow, but they will be worth it
  12. Textbooks are unbelievably expensive at the bookstore
    Everything is expensive there.
  13. You can say no without giving an explanation
  14. Just because a class doesn't have a mandatory attendance doesn't mean you can skip that class all the time
    Not it you want to pass, at least
  15. Yeah finals suck, but they're not the end of the world
  16. You CANNOT compare yourself to everyone around you
  17. Change is good for you, it's the transition time that absolutely sucks.
  18. Having your best friends live down the hall from you is one of the coolest experiences ever
  19. There is no set time by which you have to be adjusted to your new life
    It took me the entire first semester, and that's totally fine. It's so different for every person going through a major change in life
  20. College is stressful, exhausting, and expensive, BUT it's also such a blessing in your life. I hope I can make the most of these next few years!