1. David the Scientist & Mike
    I'm totally Team David, but at the same time, I couldn't bring myself to exclude Mike from this list! They both made Phoebe so happy 💕
  2. Treeger
    Tbh, Treeger made this list almost solely because of the one where Joey is his dance partner 😂
  3. Phoebe's grandma
    She's only in one episode, but she still managed to make a significant impact on the show. Turns out she lied to Phoebe about her dad's identity, gave Phoebe a taxi, and was the reason for one of my favorite Friends lines, 'I know my grandma's looking up at me smiling... Oh she was nice to me, but she's definitely in hell.' Just to name a few of her contributions!
  4. Ugly Naked Guy
    For someone we only saw like twice, Ugly Naked Guy lived such an interesting life! He had thanksgiving dinner with Ugly Naked Gal, got a Thigh Master, sat on his cat, and one time we thought he was dead once!!!
  5. Jack Geller
    The hilarious, warm, loving dad. Sure his jokes were a bit over the line sometimes, but he's just so supportive and amazing that we all love him.
  6. Estelle friends
    Estelle is my spirit animal. She's also the reason Joey landed a role on my other favorite tv show, Days of our Lives. I just can't express how much love I have for this woman.
  7. Erica
    "Hey that pregnant lady's name was Erica!!" I love Erica! She's so charming, funny, and brilliantly naive. And she gives Monica and Chandler two sweet little babies! 💕
  8. Janice
    Ohhhh myyyyyyy gaaawwwwwd! For a pretty annoying character, Janice seems to be around for so many important moments in the series! Emma's birth, Monica and Chandler planning their wedding, deciding to try to get pregnant, buying a house, etc... And she made all these moments 10x funnier! I just love Janice, nasal laugh and all!
  9. Gunther
    The man with hair brighter than the sun 😍 Gunther is such a hilarious staple of the show. I LOVE his not-so-subtle infatuation of Rachel. I believe Gunther is truly the glue that holds the show together
  10. Richard
    Richard was hands down the best man Monica dated (except Chandler, most of the time). My heart actually broke when they broke up the first time. And I'm not gonna lie, a small part of me wanted Monica to run away with Richard before Chandler finally proposed! Richard is just cool, mature, funny, charming and a straight up fox. He always made me feel something and was so cute with Monica. He will always have a soft spot in my heart ❤️