1. I was thinking about you
  2. Don't forget to buckle up
  3. Let me know when you get home
  4. This made me think of you
  5. You're worth it
  6. Keep going, I'm listening
    When you're telling a story and you feel everyone else's interest fade, but then one beautiful person encourages to continue 💕
  7. Let me get you a drink
  8. Be careful
  9. Let me know how it goes
  10. Have a great day
  11. Call me
  12. You look cold, take my jacket
  13. No, you can have the last piece of cake
  14. I'll drive, you nap
    Suggested by   @ameliaville
  15. Come sleep next to me 😴
    Suggested by   @Charlie_Chester
  16. "I missed you/it wasn't the same without you"
    Suggested by   @emmlag
  17. "You look like you could use a 10 min neck massage
    Or a foot rub would work too.
    Suggested by   @angela3950
  18. "I brought you coffee. Just the way you like it."
    Suggested by   @krmckinstry