1. Don't get me wrong, I love my mom, my dad, and all the mother and father figures in my life. 💕
  2. *personal story time*
  3. The day after my first birthday, my dad was killed in a car accident.
  4. I have reminders almost every single day that my dad was not alive for most of my life.
  5. On Father's Day it's overwhelmingly obvious that he's gone.
  6. I know I have a very special guardian angel watching over me in heaven, but I still wish I got the chance to know my dad.
  7. And what about the kids with parents who have walked out on them? I can't imagine how hard Father's and Mother's day have to be for them
  8. So many people have complicated relationships with their parents. And they have to be surrounded by cards and facebook posts and gift ideas and showy bursts of affection.
    I'm sure people mean it, but some things can be private, ya know? Kinda like how the point of Christmas isn't to post a picture of all your presents on social media.
  9. What I'm getting at is that I think some people just miss the point of the holidays.
  10. I know my mom wants nothing more than to spend some quality time with my brother and me on Mother's Day. So maybe that's what we should strive for.
  11. Quality time > Quantities of money
  12. Peace and blessings, li.sters ✌🏻️💕