1. this is me when I was out one night n I felt super great n I took this picture so I wouldn't forget how fuckiNg great I felt in that moment
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  2. this is me hangin out in my room messing Around w face jewels and stuff I was home alone n listenin to rly nice music v loud n it was a great day (':
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  3. omg u can't rly tell in this picture but this was when I first started being more than platonic friends w this boy n now he's the biggest part of my life n he makes me so so happy n I'm So thankful for him omg 💓
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  4. ah this is me n my mum n my little sister n idk I just felt v content then (':
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  5. this is from when I was talkin to that boy n we had just held hands that day for the first time n I couldn't stop thinking abt it wow
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  6. this was me taking a bath n snapchattin that boy n everything was so so good (it's all still amaziNG w him but that day stands out to me)
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  7. ok this is actually my mum but my entire kitchen was bathed in pink light bc the sunset n it was so so beautiful I was so content
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  8. omg there was this HUge thunderstorm n windstorm n rainstorm that day n the power was out n i felt so in my element n I was so happy fuk
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  9. and ofc this one from last week when me n him xplored empty buildings on campus n held hands n thumb wrestled n laid on tiny couches together n it was the best two hours of my entire life up to now probably n thinkin abt it now makes me so full of warmth n happiness n contentment ah (':
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