The many emotions/scenarios in the MJ (or my top 10 apps)

Video and social are not my strong suits. Not even going to pretend that they are, so sorry if you were expecting some high quality analysis from a pro. But if I could master these apps, then you can too.
  1. 1.
    When my CKDU audio equipment breaks down. #wavepad
    And let's face it, this happens a lot. #communityradio But when my phone is the only functioning thing on me, Wave Pad is a great way to record audio and then do some single track editing. It's all very intuitive, can easily touch and drag a selection you want to edit, reduce levels, and even do some fancy stuff such as noise reduction and pitch changes.
  2. 2.
    When my Adobe Audition freezes #ferrite
    Oh great, more technology fails. That's cool, I have Ferrite for my multitracking needs (and they are deep needs.) Once I have my audio ready to go, I can have up to three tracks going for a great voice package. It's as simple as importing and dragging where you want it to go. A word of caution, you only get three tracks for multitracking for free!
  3. 3.
    When I want to waste time. I mean, make something cool #gifboom
    Gifs are the most fun things. So why not make your own? GifBoom practically does the work for you. All you need to do is record/shoot, add some text, maybe a filter, and then share it with the world. Look at this gif I made of sound level while I was supposed to be working!
  4. 4.
    When I already have a cool thing that would make a really good gif #giftoaster
    I tend to think of gifs as afterthoughts. I see something on video and then think, "that would make an amazing gif." GifToaster is the solution. Turn videos into gifs instantly by selecting how long it will be, and how many frames per second. Sometimes the quality doesn't turn out the way you hoped, however. But that doesn't matter as much when you have these two guys dancing! (Gif at the bottom).
  5. 5.
    When I have an amazingly short attention span #boomerang
    Easiest gif to use ever. You have one second to make the most of it. I like this app because of the ability to really emphasize movement and motion. And to revolutionize the world of funny faces. You press record and film what you want. It's user friendly and has a sleek interface. A countdown option would be nice, however. But check out this Boomerang I made of the Greek Fest hero:
  6. 6.
    When I want to trick someone into believing I'm a good photographer #instagram
    Well, of course Instagram. The mother of all photo-related apps. I can make a bad photo look classy by cropping, adjusting hues, saturation, highlights, and lowlights. And then there are the filters that do all of that work for you. When you share it, be sure to go nuts with the hashtags to get more followers. Here is a photo that I accidentally took at the Public Gardens that was made even more awesome because of Instagram.
  7. 7.
    When I want to make neat graphics without paying for it #adobespark
    Adobe Audition doesn't freeze all the time, so I have much resapect for the folks at Adobe. Spark lets you adjust photos, add illustrations, and text to make them look ultra professional. You can even select themes (the first one recommended to you based on the colour scheme of your photo) so you don't even have to think. Any app that doesn't make you think is good in my books. Here is something totally #professional I made recently
  8. 8.
    When I want to seriously impress people #hyperlapse
    Hyperlapse works the same way Boomerang does. All you got to do is hit record and then it can go straight to your Instagram where you can swim in the likes. I like it because it is so, so easy — even though taking timelapses require patience. Here is one I made that shows the changing pattern of a major intersection in Halifax:
  9. 9.
    When I want to do it all at the same time #steller
    Stellar is the #mojo bread and butter when it comes to apps. Multimedia storytelling at its best. Select a theme, add photos, add videos, add text, impress everyone. On a mobile, it's all in vertical so you don't miss a thing swiping from page to page. Here is my Steller from Greek Fest:
  10. 10.
    When all I need is nothing more than my rock, my northern star, my everything #googledrive
    Okay, some unbridled honesty. I probably wouldn't have been able to do this list without Google Drive. It's where I store all of my work and important information. You'll need a Google account to access it, however. But the fact that I could drop something in my Google Drive account from the Jschool iPod and access it on my mom's computer in Ottawa is a game changer. If you're not on it, then I'm judging you. But here is the link either way: