I'm not feeling New Years resolutions this year cause basically my life is going to be flipped over, turned inside out, and shaken up in the next year (read- I'm graduating from college) so it doesn't really make sense to do year long resolutions but I'll start with the next UChicago quarter and go from there.
  1. Invite people over for dinner at least once a week
    I have an apartment. I have friends. It's cheap to cook people pasta with a yummy sauce. I have so many fabulous friends at school and want to make sure I spend time with them and that they know how much I love and appreciate them
  2. Eat more vegetarian
    Not be vegetarian. I already tried that and it was kind of a disaster. But trying to eat and cook more vegetarian- it's healthier, it's just as yummy, and it's cheaper!
  3. Commit to the things that keep me busy
    Anybody whose had a conversation with me for more than 10 minutes knows I crazy over commit myself. But the thing is that there are so many hours in a day and I like being busy! So here's to many more hours spent on schoolwork, writing my thesis, singing my heart out in Motet choir and ending genocide through STAND!
  4. Spend more time with friends
    Why study alone when you can study with a friend? Why eat your dinner while watching TV when you can eat with your roommates?
  5. Practice random acts of kindness towards my roommates
    Because they're perfect and deserve everything and more! (Plus they put up with living with me, take care of me when I'm going through a break up, and buy me milkshakes and cookie butter)
  6. Exercise more
    Zumba and the gym and walking to the lake and everything in between. Exercising is good for you (duh) and gives you a great break from the stress of school, relationships, and being an "adult"
  7. Floss everyday
    Because I haven't been to the dentist in an incredibly long time and don't want to get judgmental glares when I eventually go
  8. Read one book start to finish for fun
    School gets crazy busy and there is so much academic reading that it's hard to find time and motivation to read for fun but it's so worth it and such an accomplishment once you've finished that book! I'm thinking BossyPants by Tina Fey...