An ongoing list.
  1. Beef tongue
  2. Black caviar
  3. Blood sausage
  4. Brie skin
  5. Chardonnay
    In general. Buttery syrupy oaky blegh.
  6. Chicken
    But only sometimes. I had a boss who liked his chicken cooked "medium rare" (like that's even a thing) and I was accidentally served his piece once. I will never forget... Sometimes I can handle chicken, but there are days when I'm too haunted to try.
  7. Cilantro
  8. Citrus-flavored baked goods
    The sole exception is my stepmom's key lime pie.
  9. Cocktail onions
  10. Escargot
    Had it. Tasted almost exactly like mushrooms, and was in a cream sauce. But it's not mushrooms, now IS it.
  11. Flamin' Hot Cheetos®
    All other Cheetos welcome.
  12. Frog legs
  13. Ghost peppers
  14. Haggis
  15. Honeydew melon
    There's a reason it's always left at the bottom of the bowl.
  16. Hot sauce
    Cholula. Tabasco. Tapatío. All of them.
  17. Jalapeños
  18. Lima beans
  19. Musk sticks
    Google it.
  20. Onions (raw)
  21. Ostrich eggs
    Just too much... egg.
  22. Oysters
  23. Papaya
  24. Pig's feet
  25. Poppy seeds
  26. Pork rinds
  27. Prune juice
    How many juices can you think of that aren't used in a cocktail? There is just no help for this juice.
  28. Pumpernickel bread
  29. Red "Delicious" apple
  30. Rye bread
  31. Shrimp heads
  32. Sriracha
    The Devil's ketchup.
  33. Tequila
    Technically a beverage. But worth mentioning.
  34. Tomatoes (raw)
    It's really the insides of a tomato I dislike. Gooey seeds with a slight iron flavor... Tomato concassé is all right with me. As are heirlooms.
  35. Turkey
  36. Uni (sea urchin)