What can I say? I'm easily entertained.
  1. Keep tabs on all the out-of-state plates you see.
    Bonus points if you roll up next to one. Then you can try to guess if they're just passing through, or holding on for dear life to cheaper insurance.
  2. Pick your villain and let your anger be your fuel.
    Someone will cut you off or refuse to let you in. Keep tabs on them throughout your drive to see how rude they continue to be to everyone else, because misery loves company. When you see them being tailgated, cut off, or failing to weasel their way into an exit lane... enjoy that sweet moment of karma (carma?).
  3. Check people out at stop lights and guess where they're going, or what they do.
  4. Put on an oldies or 80s station and enjoy listening to a classic BUT pretend you've actually just been forced to sing it karaoke-style on stage. How'd you do?
  5. Check gas prices along your journey and see if there's a lot of fluctuation, or if it's outrageous everywhere.
    This one is actually pretty beneficial.
  6. Look for dogs! Chilling in the backseat. The front seat. Head out the window. Walking on the sidewalk. They're everywhere.
  7. Stuck next to a strip mall? Check out the signage. A lot of these are small businesses with interesting names.