A series of ambitions.
  1. Blonde
    I asked my Cool Aunt who lived in California for a Marilyn Monroe wig when I was three. My mother refused, for fear that I would be mistaken for a tiny cancer patient.
  2. Barbie
    Because then, what job wouldn't I have? She does it all.
  3. Veterinarian
    This was after the juvenile delinquent next door shot our cat Sydney Bartholomew with a BB gun. Luckily Syd was saved by a hero and I was inspired.
  4. Astronaut
    One field trip to the planetarium was all it took.
  5. President of The United States of America
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    In third grade, my platform was focused. And heartfelt.
  6. Equestrian
    I went through the same horse phase that most girls do.
  7. Dolphin Trainer
    I went through the same dolphin phase that most girls do.
  8. Witch
    I went through the same witchcraft phase that most girls do.
  9. Lawyer
    I loved debating! And dramatic courtroom scenes! And business suits! And 💰
  10. Doctor
    This was a serious goal until it became depressingly clear that I was terrible at math and that, although calculus is not used by docs on the reg, it is a necessary hurdle. Dad's parents were both doctors and it was a true disappointment that first their son and then their granddaughter would fail to follow in their footsteps.
  11. Journalist
    Changed my major from Journalism to Advertising / Marketing / PR before first semester even started.
  12. Professional Talk Show Host
    I had some shows in college and it all went to my head.
  13. Advertising Professional
    Nailed it.