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  1. "to be frank"
  2. "weak sauce"
  3. "dump him"
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  1. Steven Moffat (Doctor Who, Sherlock)
  2. Ryan Murphy (Glee, American Horror Story, Scream Queens)
  3. Chris Carter (The X-Files)
    I love The X-Files but no thanks to Chris Carter
  4. Jason Rothenberf
  1. "No homo"
    While being fingered by a girl
  2. "Achievement unlocked!"
    After the first time a girl touched my boobs
  3. "Do you remember the French homework?"
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Our group chat name changes every few days
  1. We
  2. Cindy's Hole
  3. Frances' Hole
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  1. He played piano in seventh and eighth grade
    He hated it but his mom made him do it. He always won competitions.
  2. His daughter is an ice skater
    Except she's having knee problems right now, and they're worried
  3. If another man were to have a poisonous snake bite his dick, he would not suck out the poison for him
    Astonishing heterosexuality
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  1. 10/20/15
  2. 10/21/15
  3. 10/22/15
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  1. The thurber camp sun
  2. "TV taught me how to feel"
  3. "My life is a play"
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  1. In line for a Bo Burnham concert
  2. During a photoshoot for our web series
  3. In bed but cradling a bag of M&Ms
  4. While doing her homework on the couch
  1. My history of TV grade
    Damon the TA is fucking evil. I've worked super hard on two assignments and gotten F's on both of them. The teacher has given my friends who have worked just as hard as me much better grades. What the fuck, Damon??
  2. Bad dreams
    Can I please stop having awful anxiety dreams now?
  3. Katie Kingery is far away
    Im not actually pissed. And it's not Katie's fault. This just sucks.
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