1. My history of TV grade
    Damon the TA is fucking evil. I've worked super hard on two assignments and gotten F's on both of them. The teacher has given my friends who have worked just as hard as me much better grades. What the fuck, Damon??
  2. Bad dreams
    Can I please stop having awful anxiety dreams now?
  3. Katie Kingery is far away
    Im not actually pissed. And it's not Katie's fault. This just sucks.
  4. The Plymouth Internet is down
    How can I lie in bed and be miserable without the internet?
  5. I don't have any food
    Or money to buy more
  6. There's a marching band practicing beneath my window.
    They are very loud.
  7. Im out of pepsi
    This is a bigger deal than you might think
  8. My roommate keeps yelling at me to sign up for an app so she can get $5 to do her laundry
  9. Can't find my state ID
  10. Can't find my student ID