I have been making lists for a long time. One of my longest running and ever changing lists is of favorite names for future children. I can remember making these lists as far back as middle school. As I've gotten older, my tastes have changed and circumstances have led me to cross these particular names off my list for any future kiddos.
  1. Brooklyn | Paris | London
    I went through a phase when I was younger when I thought location names were just the coolest and then Paris Hilton pretty much tarnished that forever for me.
  2. Madison | Aiden
    Way too many of these kids running around now.
  3. Molly | Layla | Casey | Sydney
    Perfectly nice names but also the names of family dogs ... can't name human children after pets.
  4. Penelope
    Penny is a cute nickname but 1) I can't help but think the kid would be called Pen-a-lope and 2) don't love alliterative children names and with a son named Peter, Penny is off the table.
  5. Mary
    Classic name. My mom's middle name. But Mary Marin is just too much. Same goes for any rhyming names which puts Erin, Darren, Karen, Sharon, etc. all out of the running.
  6. Carson
    Solid name but my love of Carson Daly as a teenager would make this a weird choice for me. I don't want to name a child after the guy.
  7. Spencer
    Honestly, Spencer Pratt and the novelty store Spencers has spoiled this one.
  8. Miley | Chloe | Elsa
    Cyrus. Kardashian (don't care that hers is with a K, still sullied). Frozen.
  9. Chad | Chase | Shane | Ethan
    The name of every cool guy with a bowl cut or frosted tips in the 90s.