The kiddo has officially survived eight weeks of life tomorrow. 👍🏼
  1. When will my little dude start sleeping on a schedule that more closely resembles ours?
  2. How will my first alcoholic drink taste after nearly a year of not drinking?
  3. How much will I cry on my first day back to work?
  4. How frequently will I be late to work because I left late to drop him at daycare?
  5. How much will we be paying in late fees when I am inevitably late picking him up from daycare?
  6. Can I consistently stick to a pumping schedule at work when I struggle sticking with anything consistently?
  7. When will I not feel weird wearing pants that zip again?
  8. When will my period come back?
  9. Will I ever not be freaked out that he is going to have a public meltdown before I put him in the car to go somewhere?
  10. Am I doing tummy time enough with him?
  11. Am I playing with him enough?
  12. Should I be reading to him more?
  13. Should I be giving him more frequent baths?
  14. Am I hurting him by doing this/that/the other thing?
  15. Should he be drinking this much formula at one feeding?
  16. Should I be tracking things more with his daily routine?
  17. Is it okay that he's around screens because I am on my phone and like to watch TV?
  18. Does every new parent doubt themselves this much?
  19. What will he be like when he's older?
  20. When will he start talking?
  21. What will his first words be?
  22. What color will his eyes and hair turn out to be when he's not so new?
  23. What will his interests be?
  24. Is he dreaming right now, as he farts in his sleep?
  25. At least this hasn't happened yet...