I want to play! Self-imposed difficulty level: no selfies, no kids
  1. Wet, angry-assed robin waiting out the storm
  2. In line on Free Comic Book Day, Grand Rapids, Michigan
    I can't believe no one listed about Free Comic Book Day, I feel so nerd-like
  3. Neko Atsume
    See that cat in the corner who has face-planted? That's like, my life.
  4. Static
    He gave a talk in Grand Rapids 😊
  5. A snack food my relatives brought back from the Philippines
    Tastes like someone sprinkled sugar over a Pringle...which is as pleasant as it sounds!
  6. BONUS screenshot- Lame selfie bee- "I am walking with my friends!"
    Props to @brittscott 's list Ive Never Felt More Understood (Socially Anxious Bee) for introducing me to this comic. This instance epitomizes my college years.