Inspired by @ListPrompts Self-imposed difficulty level: no selfies, no kids.
  1. January
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    Celebratory brownie my hubby made me when I passed the hematology/oncology board exams. a la Rob Dyrdek: "Certified!"
  2. February
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    Frannie's Beef, Schiller Park IL. My beef!!
  3. March
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    Butterbeer at Hogsmeade. Tasted exactly how I imagined it would taste!
  4. Bonus March
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    Relic attraction at Universal Studios, Orlando: Cathy ice cream stand. Chocolate chocolate chocolate--ACK!
  5. April
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    Founders KBS on April Fools Day!
  6. Bonus April
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    Jamie and Adam, Mythbusters road show does Grand Rapids
  7. May
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    Tomahawk steak
  8. June
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    Wall art, Katy's Dumpling House in Oak Park, IL
  9. July
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    Blood under the microscope 💉🔬. In the center of the field, one of the largest platelets I've ever seen!
  10. August
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    Lifetime achievement: bringing my Constitution booklet, which I've had since the 5th grade, to the real document at The National Archives in DC
  11. Bonus August
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    Philip Roth in the National Portrait Gallery, DC 😍
  12. September
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    Hello Kitty Edible Arrangement
  13. October
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    Found item, Walgreens: Dump Meals recipe book. They need an emoji for facepalm
  14. November
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    Found item, Meijer Foods: Jeebus promise seeds. A secular way to continue to sell candy corn thru the holidays!
  15. December
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    Geeked-out X-mas tree 🌲