premiere tonite!
  1. There's something amazing about an expertly executed spin-off
  2. Sure, you could half-ass it, ride the coat-tails of the original show
  3. Throw together a schmaltzy show about a silly crooked lawyer and his silly crooked cases
  4. But Vince Gilligan et al really went all out
  5. Just think: pre-Breaking Bad, this backstory didn't exist
  6. It's not like real life, where events lead to other. It has to be created, from nothing
  7. The art of the prequel written after the sequel
  8. With Better Call Saul, we get this rich world of Jimmy McGill
    a living moral pendulum
  9. And Mike Ehrmantrout
    Mike mike mike mike mike!
  10. And the detail is incredible
    Like the backstory of his brother Chuck propelling Jimmy thru his career, and ultimately, his evolution to being Saul Goodman?
  11. That I think it surpasses Breaking Bad
  12. To any other fans of the show out there- yaay, can you stand it??!
  13. Cucumber water for customer only!