Anyone Remember Old School Degrassi?

I'm really dating myself here...
  1. Before The Next Generation, we had Degrassi Jr High in the late 80s and Degrassi High in the 90s
  2. I remember it aired on PBS, and there were episodes every afternoon after school
    I used to rush home to watch it!
  3. The plots often fluctuated between being very cheesy and tackling some really heavy issues
    But for the most part, the depiction of teen life was very real. A stark contrast to the zany, polished version of high school in Saved by the Bell.
  4. The cast expanded and contracted over the years
    There were characters I loved, and others I couldn't stand.
  5. It mainly involved a lovable scamp named Joey Jeremiah, who was in a band with his buddies Snake and Wheels
  6. Like, a super 80s band
    Was it called the Zit Remedy? I'll have to look that up.
  7. Snake was really tall. The actor seemed 40.
  8. I had a crush on Derek "Wheels" Wheeler
    He'd like to sell you a set of Britanicas.
  9. My favorite character was L.D.
    I don't recall why. She was a really minor character.
  10. I always hoped Wheels and L.D. would get together
    They went to prom together as friends. Then she got leukemia and the show kind of phased her out without resolving her storyline.
  11. Stephanie Kay dressed in the height of hypersexualized 80s fashion
    This was her. In JUNIOR high!
  12. Liz and Spike had the coolest hair
    Why don't kids do this anymore?
  13. Spike was the original teen mom
  14. The show focused a lot on Caitlin, but I thought she was overall boring
  15. Fun fact though: you can date the show single-handedly by the progression of her hairstyles!
  16. There were these intensely Canadian twins
    One of them got mono.
  17. And they get kudos in my book for persisting with an Asian character!
    His name was Yik. Yay for Yik!
  18. My new life goals: obtain this set of DVDs
  19. And figure out where the cast is now!
    My guess is less successful than Drake.