1. OMG voting's super hard!
  2. I mean it being only that one day and all
  3. Trying to find your nearest polling site
  4. and dragging yourself out to wait in line
  5. Why not skip it?
  6. I mean, there's enough other Trump supporters that he's gonna win by a landslide!
  7. He's got votes to spare, he's been blessed!
  8. He's GOT this
  9. It's in the BAG!
  10. And even if he loses, it's The SYSTEM
  11. Why take part in a rigged system?
  12. It's the mainstream MEDIA who's always urging people to vote and stuff
  13. How about you stick it to the Establishment and Don't Vote!
  14. Trump told you guys- he'll just contend the result, flip the loss and things will be fine!
  15. He'll be making America Grate in no time!
  16. So why even vote?
  17. Don't vote!
  18. It's not worth your time!
  19. Don't vote!
  20. Not worth it!
  21. Don't vote!