1. OK so I invented this thing
  2. Or maybe I didn't invent it...
  3. But there's maybe there's this phenomenon
  4. Where you're a little bit drunk
  5. And feeling verrrry charitable about what you "like" on social media?
  6. Namely facebook, and those "friends" that you've lost true physical contact with years ago?
  7. And suddenly, you throw anyone a bone
  8. Your baby so cute!
  9. That meal you photographed!
    👍 💯
  10. Wow! A hot air balloon thingie you went to?
  11. You Hiked 5 miles when I remained sedentary?
  12. What a wise and judicious filter choice!
  13. I haven't talked to you in 5+ years but I need to express my like for your thing!!
  14. This is dangerous, self-destructive behavior.