I'm obsessed with this commercial with Joseph Gordon Levitt in it. And if they want to sue me for copying images...I'll point out that I'm probably helping advertise for whatever this LG V10 thing is.
  1. OK...so it starts off with an extreme close-up of a guy drinking water, and you initially have no clue it's someone famous, so you're like, "whoa, that's a little too close!!!"
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  2. Ugh.
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  3. But soft! The guy is not some rando but famous guy and certified cutie pant Joseph Gordon Levitt!
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  4. "dum...dum-dum!" he sings and you're like, "ok I'll go along with that!"
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  5. he does this mouth swipe ('cause remember, he drank water?) and it's like, squeee!!!
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  6. <<The middle of the ad is a whirlwind of people going "ohhhhh!" and "yeaaahh!" which is fun, but I will skip over as it is does not contain Joseph Gordon Levitt.>>
  7. Props to this guy though for his "baw baw baw baw!" interlude!
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  8. Then there's the closing dum...dum dum
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  9. And the giggle at the end that KILLS! A grown man giggle!
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  10. And now to spend the rest of the day watching lip sync battles and HIT Record episodes 😏
  11. You can Watch the full add here: http://youtu.be/f0ZCiBcNE2w