Not resolutions in the sense of bettering myself. Just...goals.
  1. My Reading Project: One Old-One New
    I read 40 books in 2016. I want to match that in 2017. And I could exceed it this year because I won't be bogged down by a 700+ page Hamilton bio! But here's the twist- I'm gonna alternate reading a book I've never read before with one I have. I'm a big fan of rereading books, and feel I should do it more often.
  2. My Cooking Project: Eat Like a Gilmore
    I got this book for Christmas. I want to cook a thing from it each week. Maybe I'll list each endeavor, like Julie & Julia, but more like Frances & Lorelai
  3. I want to be featured in The Cady Corner®
    But organically, not like, calling attention to it. They're like a whole 'nother tier of that hasn't seen me yet 👀. Seriously, like a whole different plane of listers whom I've never seen before. And whom I probably can't sit with.
  4. Evolve my Bullet Journal into a Passion Planner
    I'm like sheep 🐑