I had a lot of fun live listing my initial impressions while watching the Gilmore Girls Revival. See [#] GILMORE GIRLS REVIVAL DATABASE ❄️🌷☀️🍂. Now here's my final impressions list.
  1. OK, I swear I'll stop listing about Gilmore Girls after this.
  2. I need to move on. I need to Secret Santa, and um...work.
  3. All in all, though my feelings are mixed, I am for the most point satisfied with the Revival Series. Which is more than what The Original Series left me feeling, which was mixed and unsatisfied. 🙂
    My final rating is 7.5 out of 10
  4. 😍 What I Liked About the Revival:
  5. The Opening
    Everything about the opening scene was wonderful. I think the most memorable scene to me was panning thru Stars Hollow, and ending on Lorelai sitting in the town square gazebo, beaming. It gets the essence of what I love and missed about the show- the cozy town, and how Lorelai is enchanted by the simple fact that it's winter. I liked how it immediately rolls into a fast-talking exchange between Lorelai and Rory. I like how they go home to Luke, just a simple statement: Yeah, he's been there.
  6. How Luke and Lorelai End
    We see that they've been together over the last 9 years since TOS ended, but there's this sense of "And yet..." that pervades Winter thru Summer. Was marriage necessary? No. But making that distinction between living together and sharing their lives together was. And yes, the wedding itself was excellent.
  7. How Lorelai and Emily End
    It was a tender breakthrough. Emily's reaction to Lorelai's phone call was subtly played, but did have that element of her bending to meet Lorelai at a reconciliation that was always needed. And a realistic conclusion- I feel they have moved beyond their skeletons, but not beyond the Driving-Each-Other-Crazy essence of their relationship.
  8. How Emily Comes into Her Own
    The whole sentiment behind it. Not any point of nervousness or doubt about whether she could lead an independent life. But just a natural progression of moving on that feels so right for her.
  9. Being Reverent to the Memory and Influence of Richard
    Just, done well.
  10. Paris Being a Powerhouse
    She spent the entire TOS gunning for the future, all her work bent toward being an eventual success. You start to wonder if her drive was a bit excessive. But bottom line? It payed off. And you wouldn't want it any other way for her.
  11. Michel Evolved
    In TOS he was really more of what I would call your standard "living scenery." Just the crabby guy at the inn, the foil to Lorelai and Sookie's bond. So many characters in Gilmore Girls are really colorful, but have no purpose beyond their eccentricity. I know it may have been more of a practicality move to beef up his part—someone had to fill the role for the mostly-absent Sookie. But I actually like that it's clearly stated and shown here that he is one of Lorelai's best friends.
  12. The Silly Lorelai
    Scenes so few and far in between, because they needed to cover you know, actual plot. But just...we need those moments. Her Coke can aerobics at the end with Luke just looking on is probably my most favorite moment apart from the opening.
  13. Surprisingly, the right amount of Kirk and Taylor
  14. Surprisingly, the right and appropriate role for Dean
  15. Modern Day Fixtures and Pop Culture Taken in Stride
    Or in general, the sense that time moved on. These were not characters boxed up 9 years ago and put back into play with a reunion, but characters who continued to live through the 9 years. We are rejoining them at this present point, and the modern day references don't seem forced.
  16. 😓 What I Did Not Like About the Revival:
  17. The Role of Logan
    I just...never liked him in TOS, and to have him be the one of the three exes that had the most prominent part of her adult life (if that even had to be a requirement in the first place- must her first 3 boyfriends really play any role in her life?) was just such a deterrent for me for accepting Rory's arc. And he just kept...turning up. It could have ended with their phone call at the end of Summer, but then he barrels in with the Life & Death Brigade in Fall? For what purpose?
  18. Rory's Remorseless Affair
    No. I cannot get on board with this. I know a common lament viewers have is that Rory is book smart but makes stupid life decisions. And I get that her being an imperfect character gives her dimension. But you can't make her guiltlessly sleep with an engaged man and make me sympathetic of her plight. All the meaningful looks they give each other are cringe-worthy. IDGAF that this engagment is a loveless, Family-Empire-Merging deal. There is no excuse for her continuing to see an engaged man.
  19. Oh, Just the Rory Story Arc in General
    If the end game is to have her pregnant as a result of a relationship with someone unreliable and resemblant of her father, then don't add the affair. Make Logan a womanizer, do not make Rory a mistress. If the end game was that her journalism career was to fail and evolve into a more fitting book-writing career, then just make her unhappy in journalism. Do not make her act holier-than-thou, too good for preparing for standard interviews, the 30-Something Club, and her town newspaper
  20. Lane Being Scenery
    I don't know...just...throw her a bone. Her being in more scenes than Paris does not equate to her having a meaningful role in this Revival.
  21. Loose Ends
    Sequels are up in the air right? If continuation is not confirmed, do not leave us with more cliffhangers. We spent 9 years wondering if the series end was in the spirit of ASPs original intentions. She finally gets a chance to conclude eveything- so conclude it. Paris & Doyle are loved- do not leave it with Paris having a life crisis that can be amended by reconnecting with Doyle. Do not leave Jess staring in at Rory thru the window.