I am live listing A Year in the Life in 30 minute installments. This is #1/3 of Fall. See [#] GILMORE GIRLS REVIVAL DATABASE ❄️🌷☀️🍂
  1. We are in the home stetch! The last season!
  2. What still needs to happen:
  3. Dean
    Not that I feel it's needed. But we were teased with the info that all 3 exes were appearing. So. Make with the Dean.
  4. Sookie
    I wonder if she was written in once confirmed. For now she's on this road of self-exploration. Kind of like Lorelei's Wild-ing it. Kind of like the one Rory needs to take, and the one Paris and April think they need to take. Is every woman having a life crisis in this show?
  5. Lorelai reconciling with Emily, Lorelai reconciling with Luke, Lorelai making Michel stay, Rory getting her life together.
  6. Here we go!
  7. Was it selfish of Lorelai to leave Luke for this soul-searching trip? And is this really something she needed? It seems like Rory needs a soul-searching trip more than she does. Lorelai needs to hash out her built-up issues *with* Luke not run away from them.
  8. I like the collection of women Wild-ing it. "Book or Movie?" It proves this is a hackneyed arc.
  9. Get ready. Kick up a rumpus.
  10. Is Jess just supposed to fix everyone's life?
  11. I swear if Lorelai bumps into Max Medina or Christoper on this trip...
  12. Oh fug. The Life & Death Brigade. 🐵🐵🐵 This is how Rory finds herself?
  13. OK. I don't hate this L&D Brigade montage. But I hate that Logan's in it.
    He was supposed to fade away as a mistake. He's not supposed to come back to teach Rory anything.
  14. Yes Rory. Let it be in the lap of the Huntzberger's 5th vacation home where you will pound out your book.
    What message is this supposed to bring us?!!!
  15. OK. Are all viewers in agreement that we are not on board with this Rory and Logan hooking back up again thing??! I mean, even if you shipped Logan and Rory in TOS, they are HAVING an AFFAIR now. This is WRONG. Like, not just plot-sense wrong. MORALLY WRONG.
  16. Good riddance. L&D Brigade. Good riddance Logan.
    This last hurrah was not necessary. So many things in this revival...not necessary.
  17. Oh! Lorelai's meaningful story about Richard! 😪😪😪😪
    That's what was missing. That's what she needed to find. That's what she needed to connect with Emily. I am bawling. Oh stupid uneven Gilmore Girls! You got me! Four tissues!