I am live listing A Year in the Life. This is #2/3 of Fall. See [#] GILMORE GIRLS REVIVAL DATABASE ❄️🌷☀️🍂
  1. Luke's impassioned speech imploring Lorelai that not to leave is like, me yelling at the Revival about what to do.
  2. This cannot be one of those classic Luke-Lorelai disconnects. We slogged thru their disconnect for seven seasons. Please, just...reconcile this relationship.
  3. "I think we should get married." Yaaaaaaayyy! 👰🏻
    Ohhhh guys. I am so tired. So tired that I will ignore all plot fallacies that led us to this moment. This makes me haaaapy!
  4. Emily seems refreshed and at peace in Nantucket.
  5. " Emily, I beg of you, cheese! - Richard"
    I would leave that note up permanently too.
  6. Rory sitting at her grandfather's desk to write. Nice and appropriate.
  7. The loose ends are coming together. Not bad for an hour left. Now we can spend the last 45 minutes celebrating how things are right??
  8. The Lorelai and Rory reconciling food: Chinese take-out, Pop Tarts, Red Vines, and ice cream.
  9. An open hot dog cart at Lorelai's wedding! So right!
    I hope they don't just talk about the wedding and not actually show us. I mean come on. I slogged thru seven television seasons and three "season" seasons for this!
  10. Yes! Emily leaving the DAR meeting in fire and flames!
    🐃💩! 🐃💩!
  11. Alex Bornstein! In her seamstress/tailor role.
  12. Luke's one guest is Kiefer Sutherland 😂
  13. Lorelai doing The aerobics with the Coke cans while Luke just sits there watching! 😍 THIS is the essence of Gilmore Girls. When everything is resolved and cleaned up, it is about scenes like this.
  14. The obligatory Christopher appearance, to tie up loose ends.
    Needed though. As much as everything is ok now, Rory still has to ask the final "What if my mom didn't raise me alone?"
  15. Christopher: I think it was exactly what was supposed to happen, and I think she'd back me up on that.
  16. One more half hour to go!!