I am live listing A Year in the Life. This is the last live list, #3/3 of Fall! See [#] GILMORE GIRLS REVIVAL DATABASE ❄️🌷☀️🍂
  1. You guys! This is it! My last 30 minutes! My last live-listing installment!!
  2. What a long ride over these last few days! Now...don't screw it up ASP!
  3. Emily: The wedding's off! I knew it!
    Not a bad assumption. Lorelai has been yanking her chain all these years, calling off weddings...not telling her about marriages...how could she assume otherwise?
  4. Lorelai: You're right. No tongs. Where am I?
  5. The Luke's Empire money shifting to expanding the Dragonfly! Nice! And I like how Emily accepts this. And ensures that Lorelai and Luke will visit her every two weeks!
  6. Heeerre's the Dean appearance!
    Feels kind of slap-dashed in, but I'm kind of happy Rory bumps into him when her life is coming together.
  7. Um, that was actually a satisfying Dean appearance.
    cornstarch! 🌽 🌽
  9. Thank you, Melissa McCarthy for remembering your roots, and thank you ASP for not assuming she could not make it and actually asking her to come on board!
  10. All those who shipped Jess and Rory, please stand by.
  11. Oh my God! This night elopement wedding in the town square! I am crying so hard right now!
    The town square is beautiful! And it's way better this way without a big production, but nice to know that a big wedding still happens the next day. With flash mobs and hot dogs 🌭🌭
  12. And I like how the only ones there are Luke, Lorelai, Rory, Lane and Michel!!!
    I would never have thought, but Michel being present is very appropriate 😊
  13. 1. Mom
  14. 2. Yeah?
  15. 3. I'm
  16. 4. Pregnant
  17. ...
  18. ...
  19. OK. So. I feel very mixed?
  20. Like ok, it is nice that Rory is parallelling Lorelai in single parenting
    Not to glorify single momhood. But like, full-circling a plot arc
  21. But I do not like how this is Logan's baby.
    It's like we can't get rid of the guy.
  22. Maybe she hides it from him forever...and if he finds out he never does the math.
  23. And one has to assume these are the final four words ASP always intended, right?
  24. It leaves an opening for more seasons...
  25. I mean with Jess staring in at Rory thru the window and all that...
  26. Well, at least it leaves an opening for some epic fan fic.
  27. OK. OK. OK.
  28. Wow. It's done.
  29. Thanks for all who have read, liked and commented on my lists this weekend!
  30. I now know how the Gilmore Guys felt for the last two years of their life
    Condensed into three days.
  31. I think I will take a little time to wrap my head around things, and publish one Final Thoughts list to put the while series into perspective!
    trees ▶️ forest 🌳🌳🌳
  32. And now I get to scour Li.st for everyone else's spoiler-filled Revival lists!! 😀
  33. Wow. What a ride!
  34. Whew!