I am live listing A Year in the Life in 30 minute installments. This is #1/3 of Spring. See [#] GILMORE GIRLS REVIVAL DATABASE ❄️🌷☀️🍂
  1. I guess they've ditched the Carole King opening theme song.
    I'll do it in my head. If you're out on the road (ba-ba, ba-bahh)...
  2. Emily is incorrigible. She has never bent, never gave in just a little. That's why I never found her as endearing as others have.
  3. Oooh, written and directed by Daniel Palladino!
  4. Yes! A good old Stars Hollow town festival!
  5. "And Singapore's just being a dick."
    I was lamenting seeing Taylor and Kirk so early in this episode, but I swear, it's lines like these that get me back on board with them.
  6. Mrs. KIM!
  7. Aaand, there's our 3 seconds of Lane. 🙄
    I get it. It's not "The Kim Girls." after all. Asians have our one show already, Fresh off the Boat, we don't need to play major roles in another one.
  8. For her own blink-and-you-missed-them intervals tho, Gypsy is KILLING IT
    "Whip up a WHAT?!"
  9. OK. I had to pause on reflect on the Mr. Kim sighting.
    It's like seeing Maris. Or Tino from My So Called Life. He lives! See my List: UNSEEN CHARACTERS 👻
  10. Jackson will have to fill in until the big Sookie reveal.
    Will we not see her until Fall?
  11. Oh Rory, you 32 year old woman-child.
    I have never seen someone so driven yet so aimless at the same time.
  12. Oh holy heck. My heart has not dropped lower than with the appearance of Mitchum Huntzberger.
  13. Logan is engaged to a woman named Odette
    hasty exit now? hasty exit?
  14. OK this town hall meeting about the Stars Hollow Gay Pride Parade is precariously teetering toward...a dangerous zone of poor taste...
  15. Gypsy's implying Taylor is gay. Are they going to cheekily address every Gilmore Girl's rumor/speculation?
    So meta. So...fan-fic.
  16. Babette has my rose gold iphone!
  17. Jessica Chastain everybody. 👏👏👏
    Sorry, if you're a li.ster you're compelled to.
  18. Michel's tirade was awesome!
    Yanic Truesdale is in top form!
  19. I guess Luke's family was not important enough for screen time.
    He's talking to Liz and TJ on the phone. He got a letter from April.
  20. I was wrong about Rory not having skills. She can put on earrings one-handed without a mirror.
    Unless those were clip-ons.
  21. I like the parallel of Michel and Paris being Lorelai and Rory's respective Angry Friends!
    Is it too much to hope for a scene where they interact? Seriously though, I have not been disappointed by their roles in this revival.
  22. OMG, if Logan's engaged then Rory is sleeping with an engaged guy.
    Sorry, I'm slow that I just got this. She is sooo STUPID! With no remorse?! OK now I remember why I had mixed feelings about this show. Rory's stupid actions that overshine her intellect!
  23. Rory is such a deuche bag. Did she learn nothing from sleeping with Dean when he was married to Lindsay??
    She's deuchier than Logan! Or at least, as deuchy. Ugh.
  24. That's what I'll call her now. Deuche Bag Rory. And don't say I'm slut-shaming her. This is the very definition of a slut.
  25. Do the Palladinos know nothing about making a likeable character?
    I literally do not care whether Rory finds her way now. Could not. care. less.
  26. This installment got heated. Onward.