I am Live Listing A Year in the Life in 30 Minute installments. See [#] GILMORE GIRLS REVIVAL DATABASE ❄️🌷☀️🍂
  1. I can't wait until I'm done and can see other lists about the revival.
    I feel like I'm in a Li.st bubble...actively listing but shielding my eyes from other lists
  2. And I have to be ready for Monday's Gilmore Guys Podcast release.
  3. You are the Maury to my Babette. This has become the most stable relationship of the show.
  4. This short film by Kirk 😅
    I KNOW THEM! I was just...talking about them! They....how dare they not share that with us! Friggin gag orders!!!
  6. This is making my whole day! This is making my whole Revival. I mean, let's face it, I've given up on Deuche Bag Rory now.
    And the Gilmore Guys were all, "Amy Sherman Palladino HATES us" LIARS! YOU LIE! I mean, how many podcasts did they have to keep mum about this????!!!! YOU GUYYYYYYS
  7. Rachael Ray's appearance PALES in comparison to the Gilmore Guys.
  8. I like this arc about Lorelai worried about her and Michel's friendship though. It implies that she's not sweating Sookie being away because she knows she'll always be back, but she has her doubts about Michel.
    He was always more of Lorelai and Sookie's foil in TOS. It's nice to focus on Lorelai and Michel having a friendship.
  9. Rory's black and white floral dress at Emily's house is on fleek!
    Am I embarrassing myself yet?
  10. The Luke's Diner Empire. Emily: When are you going to embace your future? Luke: ...tonight?
  11. Chilton. "I cannot remember the books I have read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me." —Emerson via Paris
  12. I'll say Headmaster Charleston is Unecessary Cameo #2.
    (The first was Jason.)
  13. "I don't want to see his sperm, I don't want to touch his sperm until I get a firm sperm agreement!" 🙂~
    Paris Gellar is the life preserve of this revival, I swear. And it's funny- I did not really love her in TOS. But now her manner is so endearing. It's like, that driven purpose that propelled her thru high school and college finally went somewhere. The ends justified the means.
  14. Rory's flowery student talk about her music composition class could not be less relevant. It makes Paris' power talk even more awesome.
  15. Tristan. Is he the one thing that breaks Paris?
    I totally get this though. No matter how much I am past high school shennaniganry, sometimes it takes as little as a song playing to reel me back to those feelings.
  16. Francine = Unecessary Cameo #3
  17. I don't buy that Paris is having a breakdown. Rory is homeless, compromising her "journalistic integrity" for a stable writing gig, and a mistress. Paris is an MD, a lawyer, an expert on neoclassical architecture and a certified dental hygienist—and she feels like a failure?
  18. Are Lena Dunham's ears burning with the amount they name drop her?
    Update: turns out, yes!
  19. OK. I actually buy Rory settling into teaching at Chilton. She was like, this academia prodigy but we never bought her as a journalist.
    When I say "we" it's not like Royal We. It's like me, Demi and Kevin. Mah buds.
  20. OK that was great. End the series now—the Gilmore Guys cameo leaves me fulfilled! ☺️