I am Live Listing A Year in the Life in 30 minute increments. This is #3/3 of Spring. See [#] GILMORE GIRLS REVIVAL DATABASE ❄️🌷☀️🍂
  1. Ugh! Rory asking for Mitchum's help? Can she just stop Rory-ing already?
    She's like the Britta of Gilmore Girls. And this deal is going on as Logan's fiancee Odette sleeps in bed beside him. Can we get any more skeezy?
  2. "And my phone became a calculator again."
    The Richard dying story 😭
  3. "It was always supposed to be Luke."
  4. Ugh. I hate the "And yet." trope. Luke and I are happy. And yet. And yet nothing! This is the one thing you have going for you, GG Revival. Rory's still a chump. You need to Luke & Lorelai 4EVA our asses.
    I may have started a little chianti 🍷🍷
  5. Oooh- Luke has been blue-capping it. That's the one Lorelai gave him. This means they are MFEO.
    Made for each other. Thanks Gilmore Girls Wikia.
  6. Emily: Is that the shirt you wear on business outings? There's blood on it. Luke: Yeah...that's jelly.
  7. I haven't mentioned it before, but I love Caesar's Jerry curl.
    Wine makes this process a little more fluid, people!
  8. NO Lorelai and Luke. Stop hiding things from one another. It's so Season 6.
  9. Holy Heck! Jason Mantzoukas! Of Dennis Feinstein fame!
    He was JUST ON the Gilmore Guys, NOT talking about being on the Revival. Guys, you're killing me!
  10. Lorelai and Rory doing "Lines" in New York. Lorelei dresses too young and Rory too old.
    Love the Kate Spade bag tho!
  11. Mae Whitman! Passing thru a cronut line. Wonderful use of her guys.
  12. Rory sleeping with a Wookie is an all time low.
    And I respect Wookies.
  13. Rory collapsing on the bed next to Lorelai was way cuter in the trailer without context.
  14. Ooh! Sandee Says is Sasha from Bunheads!
    I always thought Sasha was the Rory of Bunheads. But now seeing them side by side...no. I do like how she gave Rory her come uppance by not hiring her for her supposed fall-back job. Take that Deuche Bag Rory! Yes I'm still on this.
  15. What's with Rory throwing out all her cell phones? Very Breaking Bad.
  16. And that wraps up Spring, people! We've got two more seasons for everything to resolve itself!