I am Live Listing A Year in the Life in 30 minute installments. This is #1/3 of Summer. See [#] GILMORE GIRLS REVIVAL DATABASE ❄️🌷☀️🍂
  1. OK people. We've got two more seasons to make everything right.
  2. I need a tote bag that says "Totes Y'all"
  3. It's come to this. I am so disappointed with Rory and her story arc and her dumb decisions that I am happy to see April.
    It is a smart person who will not make stupid life choices. Please rub it in Rory's face.
  4. Aaand they don't go that route. Why are the seemingly put-together people having panic attacks about their lives?
  5. Why is Rory being self-righteous about being the other woman?
    How dare Logan's fiancee moved in with him! How dare Rory stay in a hotel!
  6. The Summer soundtrack is fun.
  7. This Michel telling Lorelai he's leaving scene is pretty heavy. But the Secret Bar gag was fun.
  8. OK...I am underwhelmed by the first 30 minutes of this episode. Lane's essentially background scenery. The Stars Hollow Gazette arc seems off. Sigh. Is this one of those things hit rock bottom before they get better things?