I am Live Listing a Year in the Life. This is #2/3 of Summer. See [#] GILMORE GIRLS REVIVAL DATABASE ❄️🌷☀️🍂
  1. Dear non-GG listers: sorry for clogging your feed with my lists.
  2. I was gonna write a list to say so but that would clog your feed more.
  3. I am more than halfway done. Then I will stop.
    It may not be your cup of tea, but I'm li.sting me and that's what Li.st is all about right?
  4. The Stars Hollow Gazette distributing montage is pretty fun
    Keep walking, boots! 👢👢
  5. Stars Hollow The Musical...
    Sorry guys. I think I'm experiencing Revival Li.sting fatigue.
  6. ...And it goes on like this. Why is this musical thing insisting upon itself? Should I know the actors in the musical? Is it like a winking cameo?
    I just looked it up. They're Broadway stars. This...isn't worth it.
  7. This is the Hamilton reference? This does not do justice to a Hamilton reference.
  8. This is dumb. Rory needs to right herself. Lorelai has to deal with either wedding or having a baby with Luke, reconciling with Emily, and snazzy-ing up the Inn for Keeping Michel. We don't have time for this musical plotline.
  9. Carole King has a lot of screen time, and they ditched her theme song.
    And you're telling me Gilmore Girls is set in a parallel universe from ours where every pop culture phenomenon is the same, but "I Feel the Earth Move" doesn't exist??
  10. The DAR. Where's Alex Borstein?
  11. Sorry this list was so bitter. Summer slump amirite?