I will be live listing my impressions of A Year in the Life, 30 minutes at a time. This is the first installment. See [#] GILMORE GIRLS REVIVAL DATABASE ❄️🌷☀️🍂
  1. I am jotting notes 📝 in a notebook and transcribing to Li.st in 30 minute installments.
  2. November 25th. Hee wee go!!
  3. S1E1: Winter
    So it'll go Winter ▶️ Spring ▶️ Summer ▶️ Fall
  4. Such a satisfying open! Snippets of classic lines from The Original Series (TOS) leading into Lorelai sing-songing "I smell snow!" ❄️, opening to STARS HOLLOW ✨ (sob!), the town gazebo (sob!) and pan down to Lorelai beaming in the middle of it! Shortly joined by Rory!
    Adult Rory!
  5. Lane at Doose's Market with her Standard Issue Asian Hair ™
    Ugh! It's a perpetuated myth people! We don't all have bad hair!
  6. KIRK. Is this just going to be a parade of characters? I mean, how can you avoid it in he beginning? Maybe this will comfortably stop by Spring.
  7. Ooo-ber. Ha.
  8. I love seeing Stars Hollow all lit up for Christmas 🎄. So cozy! Timely that they opened up with winter, given it's late November pre-Christmas release.
    I actually used to yell this whenever he appeared in TOS. And I would take a shot.
  10. I am still amused by how a California studio depicts winter. Like, the snow that has accumulated on the car that they just parked and exited is way out of proportion to what's on the ground?
  11. Written and directed by Amy Sherman Palladino flashes on screen! Reassuring!
    Get down with ASP!
  12. Luke! At home in Lorelai's kitchen! The implications are astounding!
  13. I'm getting the sense that Rory's been away for the equivalent of years that the original series ended...so we're real-timing it and real-aging it. But she has visited Stars Hollow periodically before this. She's not like, long-lost and disconnected.
  14. Rory lived in Brooklyn
  15. I will not belabor myself with all pop culture references. But I found "prequel to Huckleberry Finn where Huck is a Klan Leader" a nice hinting to Go Set a Watchman 😀
  16. OK...Paul is current Boyfriend
  17. I'm getting Arrested Development Ann vibes off Paul
  18. "Your pajamas are not puppies." This scene of Luke and Lorelai in the bedroom with the DVR is endearing. Like no time passed, but you know it did because they're at this point where they live together. So you know time passed *well*
  19. Interesting that ASP chose to pick up from Season 7. Like, she didn't make this a re-do of the Rosenthal year. Luke & Lorelai have seemingly been together since TOS ended. So she takes Season 7 as canon?
  20. Ah, the first Kardashian reference.
    "Organizing my magazines by Kardashian"
  21. Refrigerator with a Big Red Bow! It references Sleepless in Seattle. Is the SIS reference to a Kodak commercial real?
  22. There's a ring on Lorelai's left middle finger.
  23. A wordless Taylor cameo. Good. That's all we need of him.
  24. Interior: Luke's Diner!
  25. OK. Here's the dose of Taylor Doose I never missed.
  26. The wifi and other current references are nice. Glad they're not stuck in 2007.
  27. Is Rory's New Yorker piece 100 words long? (on the back of Luke's menu)
  28. Michel! Gay?
    Linguo! Dead? Linguo-is-dead!
  29. The Sook-sters is on a prolonged sabbatical. I wonder if this part was written before they secured Melissa McCarthy. Or is it to build up her triumphant appearance as the show's most successful break-out star?
  30. Gypsy! The Jeep!
  31. What cover of The Carpenters is this? Kinda cool.
  32. Digging it so far! Stay tuned for more!