1. Thank you for your gift-giving spirit! Your efforts will be appreciated!
  2. A CD of an artist or songs you enjoy or that mean a lot to you
    I do mean cd. My main listening time is commuting to and from work, and I can listen to a cd in my car.
  3. Something that represents your locale
    Like, is there something your area showcases that native residents usually give the eye roll 🙄 and never get themselves, but makes a great gift item for out of towners? That's me!
  4. A book that you loved
    I like to read, but am startlingly not very well-read. I am enthusiastic about any suggestions!
  5. A blank book
    I keep journals and can never have enough blank books.
  6. A cold-weather accessory
    I live in Western Michigan. It gets cold. Hats, scarves, mittens, socks welcome!
  7. If you're crafty/artsy/creative, I'd love something that represents what you do! If you're not, don't bother!
  8. Happy Holidays! ☃️📯🎁🎄