I'm glad I don't live in Rochester, NY anymore. But man, what are the odds of 2 of my heroes visiting a random boon-docky town I inhabited?! Damn missed connections! 😩
  1. My comparative literature teacher from college- D. Medin
    He did a talk at the U of Rochester about literature/translation. I would have liked to see him, shoot the shit. The man fostered my love for Philip Roth and Franz Kafka. He teaches in Paris now, so the odds of him returning to give an equivalent talk in Grand Rapids, MI are nil.
  2. BJ Novak
    Apparently had a show at the U of R. U of R do you realize you have a horseshoe up your a**? He listed about the Museum of Play. I've been there!! And he instagrammed this pic of an abandoned Blockbuster! I know that abandoned Blockbuster!!! Ugh--come to Grand Rapids now people!